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There’s no sense in just translating

You wouldn’t let just anyone sell your products or promote your services, because you know how important it is to make the right impression. So when it comes to getting the message across in a different language, make sure you have the right team behind you.

It takes more than just knowledge of a foreign language to produce a high-quality, fit-for-purpose translation. Industry experience, cultural awareness, subject understanding and sound translation techniques are essential elements that guarantee your documents have the desired impact.

With a large, international team of qualified translators, we combine all these elements, covering a wide range of industry sectors and language pairs. So whatever your project, our qualified Project Managers are on hand to match your requirements to the best resources for the job, ensuring your translations really work for you.

And because we always go the extra mile, you can be sure you will too.

Translations for business - the process

All our translation work is carried out according to our ISO Quality Assurance procedures, so you can be sure of a quality product. 

Our Project Managers will assess the text and the end purpose of the translation at quote stage, to ensure the right level of translation is provided.

Texts are translated by native, professional translators who work into their mother tongue and who have in-depth knowledge of your industry. The translation is then checked according to the level of translation agreed before finalising.

Translations for business - types and formats

We translate a wide range of subjects and document types, covering commercial texts, such as marketing material, brochures, product labels or websites, legal documents, such as contracts, court orders or terms and conditions, medical texts, such as hospital reports or research papers and technical texts, including patents, product specifications or large instruction manuals.

We can also handle a varied range of text formats, for both MAC and PC, from the standard editable word processing software through to the more complex DTP programmes.

Meet the team
portrait of Natalia

Russian & Ukrainian Translator

“18 years in translation/ interpreting and 5 years with Peak Translations. Fields of expertise: economics, finances, banking, accounting & audit, marketing, oil & gas, civil construction, metallurgy, tourism, art. I have completed many translations of a marketing nature for Peak Translations and I am happy to be one of their team - friendly Project Managers, polite proofreaders and payments are always on time.”


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